Thursday, 9 April 2015

The Mystery of the Paragon Cover

I had always thought the cover to Paragon #4 (signed "Steranko and Black") was drawn by Bill Black based on an original drawing done by Steranko that had appeared in an ad for Paragon #4 (signed "Steranko"). However, after having discussed this with both Mr. Black and Mr. Steranko, they both told me that Steranko provided Black with a pencil drawing, that Black inked and that was on the cover of Paragon #4. Neither could remember how the ad art came to be.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Steranko and the Surreal Batman

In 2010, Steranko accepted the assignment from DC comics to do 6 covers, fully inked and coloured for a series called The Surreal Batman. All 6 comic-books were to be published in the same month. For some reason, it never happened. Steranko sent around 5 comps of the cover concept drawings to some of his fan-friends. Jim asked us not to post them on the internet. Since then, one of these was used as the cover to BATMAN BLACK AND WHITE number 2. But all the rest are still under wraps. Art © Steranko. ARR